Computer Data Recovery - The First Steps

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Computer Data Recovery - The First Steps

So, your computer has been making weird noises and those files you just tried to retrieve are suddenly gone or inaccessible. Now what? The first thing you should do is remain calm and if the hard drive is making strange, alien noises, then unplug it and refrain from beating or kicking it; trust me, that won’t help.

In the absence of any bizarre noises from the hard drive, and your computer is still functioning, refrain from adding new files and data to any drives or disks that housed the lost data. Computer data recovery as well as memory card data recovery can be seriously hampered if you add new data to corrupt disks and drives.

Now if you were smart you at some point in the past, created a backup of your data files. If this is the case you can try to restore the files but do not restore them to their original location.

No backup files? Well then you can call your local computer repair shop and they’ll give you a quotation or you can purchase a computer data recovery software program that may be able to retrieve your data.



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