File Recovery Software Tips

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File Recovery Software Tips

Before disaster strikes, make certain that you're prepared to recover files that have been accidentally erased, deleted or lost on your computer. Download file recovery software from the Internet and save the utility on a USB thumb drive, or burn a copy of it on a CD/DVD disk.

Use freeware or shareware to help you recover lost files on your computer. Here's where you can find reliable file recovery software that's free to use. Visit website, and click on the “Download” link. Next, click the “Utilities” tab and under “Related Categories in Utilities,” look for the “Recovery” link and click it.

Use the drop down menus located near the top of the web page to narrow your search results. Select the operating system that's running on your computer, then choose “free” or “trial” from the menu list. Select a PC data recovery utility from the listing and download it on your computer.

We also recommend reading “PCWorld Reviewed” to learn more about PC data recovery utilities. Find out what people are saying about file recovery software that they have previously used on their computers. Click the “Users Reviews” tab to read consumer opinions to help you determine which one best suites your needs.



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